Saffron (Crocus sativus) is a tuber, a very old cultural plant of the Iridaceae family, cultivated for the stigmas of their flowers, which are highly prized spices. Comes from West Asia. In the autumn blooming purple flowers, each flower has three filiform, 2-3 cm long, purplish-red stigmas, which are harvested by hand. The flower has a purple color and six petals. Applicable part of the plant occurring in the market under the name of saffron is red – orange color in the middle.

It is estimated that out of 145,000 flowers to produce just one kilogram of dried saffron!

Possible use

Saffron can be used in two ways:

A – You can use several threads of saffron directly to the food you need to flavor or color (soup, rice, cakes, sweets)

B – The best way how to use the saffron is to infuse it. In this case, proceed as follows:
1 Put a few threads of  saffron in a mortar and grind it carefully (you can crush with a little sugar )
2, then mix about one teaspoon with few spoons of warm water/milk
3 Cover and leave for few minutes
4, after the saffron color appears your saffron infusion is ready for use.

This liquid (made with water ) can be stored in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for one week.